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03 Aug 2020


So you’re working remotely? The thought of ditching the commute, spending the day in your pajamas, binging on your favourite TV show and sticking a wash load on at lunch time. It’s what you’ve always dreamed of right? Wrong! You’ve still got all of the usual responsibilities you have in the office, except you’re surrounded by distractions like your pets, children and partner instead of your motivating colleagues. Oh, and just to make things worse you might be working off an unsteady homemade desk! 


Here are our top tips for staying productive whilst working remotely.



Get up, show up

Get up, get ready and pretend you’re going to work, otherwise you risk rolling over and going back to sleep. Try to stick to your usual routine as much as you can, set an alarm, get dressed, have your breakfast and morning coffee and set off on your commute even if that is now only into another room. This will ensure that you are in the right headspace for a productive day at work, but you can still rejoice in the fact you no longer have to wear those uncomfortable work shoes all day!


Work on your workspace

We’ve already mentioned that an unsteady homemade desk can seriously dent your motivation. You’re going to need to set up a dedicated workspace away from all distractions, which means that you might need to purchase some office furniture if you haven’t already. Make sure you have a comfortable chair and a sturdy table because let’s face it, nobody wants a sore back! It’s really important to keep your work-life separate to help you to feel like you’re switching off when the working day is done, so try to avoid working out of your bedroom as much as possible. A small dedicated space away from distractions makes for a productive day at work.


Ditch distractions 

It’s really easy to get distracted at home, family members, the TV, pets, chores and not forgetting our biggest nemesis… The fridge! It’s important to ditch the distractions in order to get any work done. As we mentioned already, setting up a dedicated work space will minimise distractions, but it’s important to keep the TV and your personal phone off and out of sight. Don’t forget those pesky kids either - you’ll need to keep them occupied whilst you’re working, so that they don’t distract you. It also helps to have some low background music to dull the silence and keep you motivated.


Take a break

It’s easy to get your steps in and give your brain a break in the office with a trip to the water fountain, or a quick chat in the kitchen, but at home we can find ourselves slumped in the same spot all day. Don’t think that you need to work all day, a short break recharges your brain so that you can work more effectively. Make time for a short walk, lunch, or even a quick chat to someone else in the house, you’ll be surprised what it will do for your work output!


Keep in touch

Working from remotely shouldn’t mean working in isolation, you can still keep up to date with your colleagues. We usually spend most of our time with our colleagues, which makes it easy to work in sync so now that you’re not face to face it’s more important than ever to go out of your way to keep in touch. We recommend setting up a group chat, weekly conference calls and picking up the phone when you’re feeling demotivated! The lack of body language in digital communications makes it hard to read emotion, and it can be easy to assume someone is off with you when they’ve just forgotten to add a smiley emoji. We recommend not reading into messages too much and always aiming to assume positive intent. It’ll save you a lot of stress!


Change it up

If you’re really struggling to stay motivated and avoid distraction why not consider working from a shared workspace. You’ll enjoy all of the benefits of the home office, but without the distractions! VWorks is now open at 18 locations! You can work in the comfort and safety of VWorks Coworking space with hot desks, free refreshments and high speed Internet. For extra peace of mind, why not hire a self-contained pod with Clickshare facilities. Find out more about VWorks can change the way you work and meet.  




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