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Birmingham Dudley

Whatever the occasion we love to party. There is something for everyone at Village Birmingham Dudley with our fantastic party and tribute nights with all the biggest names and all the best acts live on stage as you've never seen them before! Make Village your place to party with colleagues, friends and family.


Boogie Nights

The original and the best! Our Boogie nights make the perfect night out, whatever occasion with music from the 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's.
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Jul 10

Comedy Night

Laugh your socks off at our fabulous comedy night!
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Aug 14

A Fairytale Christmas in the Great Hall (Inspiration Suite)

Once Upon a Time… in a land not too far away… There was a lonely King, Simon; he spent all of this time making his castle and kingdom look magical for his fairytale parties…. But he had nobody to invite… Every week he prepared his land for a magical ball… waiting and hoping that one day he will be able to fill his kingdom with fun and laughter. One evening the lonely king’s magical fairies decided to try and cheer him up by covering the whole of the Dudley land with magical fairy dust… But this was no ordinary fairy dust! It had special magical powers that would spread the word about how fantastical his party nights were to be!
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Nov 27

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Key Facts

Check-in time:

3pm onwards

Check-out time:

By 11am

Breakfast times:

Mon – Friday 6.30 – 9.30. Sat – Sun 7am – 10pm (times may vary)


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Where to find us

Castlegate Park
Birmingham Road

Road directions: 2 miles from Jct 2, M5; Nearest airport: Birmingham International: (15miles); Nearest train station: Dudley Port Station: (1.5 miles)

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Call  0871 222 4584

If you have any questions about our hotel, or your stay, give us a call. Calls cost 10p per minute plus network extras.