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When will you stay Upperdeck? The must-have upgrage

You know the type. He may be in front of you in the queue at check-in. Mr. Bigshot - The one who gets the best room in the house with no effort. He finds himself with the SkyMovies HD package*, gets to plug in his iPhone into the Bose Soundock and kick back in the comfiest bed in all HotelLand. Lucky beggar.

When is it your turn? you ask. When is it your moment to live that blessed life? (if only for a night or two). Next time you stay make sure you book an UpperDeck room. Who knows there may one day be someone behind you wondering when its their turn to be a little more UpperDeck like you.

You can now be UpperDeck at the following locations: Ashton, Bournemouth, Blackpool, Bury, Cardiff, Cheadle, Coventry, Dudley, Elstree, Farnborough, Hull, Leeds North, Maidstone, Newcastle, Nottingham, South leeds, Solihull, Swindon, Swansea, St David's nr Chester, Walsall, Wirral and Warrington. Tonight, it's your turn.

UpperDeck bedrooms are suitable for 2 adults sharing. Unfortunately we cannot accept children in UpperDeck rooms. Upgrade from £20 per room.

  • Sealy Posturepedic bed.
  • A divine mattress topper, snuggly duvet, and high quality bed linens.
  • Bose iPhone speaker dock and full Sky Movies and entertainment TV package
  • Bespoke Starbucks hot drinks package
  • Exclusive access to UpperDeck club website featuring brand partner offers and first-to-see Village deals and promotions

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