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Membership Terms for The Booking Revolution


To help stop the spread of COVID-19 and support public health we are required to collect contact information for all customers and visitors to Village Hotels. NHS Test & Trace require us to collect this data from the lead booker of each group or party and record the time, date, name & contact number. NHS Test and Trace will ask us for these records only where it is necessary, either because someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 has listed our premises as a place they visited recently, or because our premises have been identified as the location of a potential local outbreak of COVID-19. Your data will be kept only for this purpose and will be retained securely for 21 days and shared securely with the NHS if required.

Please note that Village Hotels are taking all Government guidance and legislation into account in the operation of its facilities during the Covid-19 pandemic. This means that there may be some changes to the usual facilities offered by Village Hotels and unfortunately some facilities may remain closed during this time. Find out more here


1. These Conditions supplement the Village Standard Terms and Conditions which can be found here Village Booking Revolution is a Membership Scheme designed to give Benefits when booking direct via the Private Members' Area and signing up to become a Member.

2. Definitions

In these Booking Revolution Terms and Conditions the following terms shall have the following meanings:

Village Booking Revolution: the membership scheme that Members sign up to in order to take advantage of the Benefits

Free Wifi: is defined in clause 4 of these terms and conditions

Brand Website:

Member: means a member of the Village Booking Revolution

Benefits: means Free Wifi and for Members who book a stay via the Brand Website the Benefits as are set out in clause 5 of these terms and conditions.

Booking: means a booking made by a Member on the Booking Revolution Website for a stay at a VIllage Hotel

Stay: means the duration of a Booking at a Village Hotel which is usually determined as commencing at 3 pm on the date of arrival to 11 am on the day of departure unless otherwise stated or agreed with Village.

Village Gym: means one of our state-of-the-art leisure clubs with the latest fitness equipment and a variety of fitness classes at a Village Hotel;

Village Hotel: means the hotel at which the Booking is due to take place; and 

VWorks: means the dedicated business services and mobile desk facility in a Village Hotel Village: means VUR Village Trading No.1 Limited (company registration number: 00418878)

3. Eligibility

3.1 Membership to the Village Booking Revolution is free to all adults over the age of 18 who live in a country that permits them to sign up.

3.2 Members can sign up to become a Member on the Private Members' Area by providing their full name and email address. Village may deny membership to the Village Booking Revolution at its sole discretion and without written notice.

3.3 Only individuals are eligible to become a Member and each individual may maintain only one Membership. counts are not transferable or assignable.

3.4 Members are responsible for reading and understanding these terms and conditions about the Village Booking Revolution. If a Member has any question or query about the Village Booking Revolution they should email

4. Benefits

4.1 The benefits set out in this clause are given to Members ONLY when a Member books a Stay in advance at a Village Hotel via the Private Members' Area and are subject to the following terms and conditions set out in this clause 4.1: All Benefits are subject to availability at all times and are not guaranteed. Not all Benefits are available at all Village Hotels at all times. All Benefits can be varied or cancelled or changed by Village without notice to a Member.

4.2 Wifi Members shall receive free Wifi during their Stay. Further terms may apply to the use of Wifi as set out here

4.3 Free Car Parking Members shall receive free car parking for one car at a Village Hotel for the duration of their Stay Further terms may apply to the use of car parking as set out here

4,4 Use of Village Gym Members shall be entitled to use the VIllage Gym during their Stay at the Village Hotel Further terms may apply to the use of Village Gym as set out here

4.5 Use of VWorks Members shall be entitled to use VWorks during their Stay. Please note that not all Village Hotels have VWorks, and where VWorks is not available no alternative shall be provided. Further terms may apply to the use of VWorks as set out here

5 Qualifying Room Rates

5.1 Members shall be given access to qualifying room rates available at the time of Booking.

6. Termination

Village may terminate membership of the Village Booking Revolution at any time.

7. Governing

Law These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales.

8. Notices

If you want to get in touch with Village you can do so by emailing