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Manchester Hyde

Eat out in style, without wishing you could disappear when the bill arrives. You’ll find a great choice of restaurants, cafes and bars at Village Urban Resorts, serving up your favourites in relaxed surroundings, at prices that’ll keep you coming back for seconds. Book a table online now at Verve Bar + Grill.

Verve Bar & Grill

Verve bar&grill offers fabulous food and service to match, serving an enticing range of dishes. There is also a 5 course carvery each Sunday. Please note this restaurant closes at 6pm on Sundays, dining is available in Victory Pub or via room service thereafter. Book a table online now.

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The Public House

A classic sports bar with delicious pub grub, comfy seating and big screen entertainment. The perfect place to watch the big match, or meet with friends and colleagues at the start, middle or end of a busy day.

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Unique to Village Urban Resorts is a genuine Starbucks serving all of your favourite hot and cold drinks and snacks.

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Key Facts

Check-in time:

3pm onwards

Check-out time:

By 11am

Breakfast times:

Mon – Friday 6.30 – 9.30. Sat – Sun 7am – 10pm (times may vary)


FREE Parking


Where to find us

Captain Clarke Road,
SK14 4QG

Nearest airport: Manchester International Airport: (15 miles); Nearest train station: Hyde Station: (2 miles)

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Call  0871 222 4586