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The end of the day tastes even better with a delicious appetiser and a glass of wine or beer for £12* 


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Offer details

Wrap up your meeting in the Pub & Grill with this exclusive offer for meeting guests.

This offer includes a glass of wine or beer and an appetiser from our Pub & Grill menu for £12.

Available Monday - Friday 5-6pm

Soft drinks are also available. 

Selected appetisers only; wings, tenders, BBQ sticky ribs, fried ravioli, baked spinach dip and fish goujons.

Speak to a member of staff to book a table or book online. 

Terms & Conditions

Offer available to meeting guests only. Available Monday - Friday 5-6pm in the Pub & Grill. Offer available on selected appetizers. Excludes loaded fries, cone of onion rings, sweet potato fries and cry fries. Beverages include, draught beers (pint), 175ml house wines (red, rose and white) and most soft drinks.