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Refer a friend or colleague to VWorks and we'll treat you to a £20 voucher & they'll get 50% off their first month's membership!

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Offer is available at all VWorks Coworking locations. Valid for 12 months for new customers only. This Offer is made in conjunction with the Village Gym Club offer, terms and conditions are here.  A Referee can only claim one gift per person for either Village Gym Club referral or VWorks referral and not for both. This offer is only available online and is the only referral offer whereby both the member referring, and the friend being referred to VWorks, can both claim a free gift (which can vary during different promotional periods). The new member joining as part of this online-only offer, must specifically reference at point of joining the referee so they and their friend qualify for the gift. This cannot be done after the point of joining. If the new member cancels their membership within 10 days or defaults with their initial monthly payment the member who referred them will no longer qualify for the free gift. VWorks Management’s decision is final when deciding to issue or grant a referral gift. Gifts which are lost or stolen cannot be replaced. This programme is managed and administered through our partners Mentionme and Gift Cloud.