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Stay Green

Limiting our environmental impact.

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We understand that a better, more sustainable future is within our reach and we want to play a part in getting there.  We are committed to finding better ways to operate, with a focus on energy consumption, carbon emissions and waste. Working with Accenture UK & Ireland, we have a detailed programme of work in place to help reach a net zero target by 2050.

Decarbonisation plan mobilised

In 2017 work started with Accenture to help us understand our current carbon emissions and put plans in place to reduce outputs - with the ultimate aim of reaching net zero by 2050 (in line with the Paris agreement and aligned to the setting of Science Based Targets.

  • Baseline emissions scoped and recorded (since 2022).
  • Working towards setting Science Based Targets (SBT route) - review currently underway.
  • 100% renewable energy now in place across all locations (since Oct 2023).
  • Full building optimisation and monitoring in place across all hotels.


With Sustainability Stars in place at all of our hotels, our local teams are focussed on driving sustainable practices throughout our hotel operations, including:   

  • Educating teams and guests on sustainable practices 
  • Local recycling programmes
  • Minimise use of single use plastics
  • Reducing waste 

Green Tourism Award

Our sustainability practices have been recognised with Green Tourism Awards at all hotels - with a focus on people, planet and place (as defined by Green Tourism).

  • Bronze award achieved at all locations, with 2 hotels on silver and 1 hotel achieving gold!
  • Carbon efficiencies demonstrated through Building Management Systems
  • Energy training for all team members
  • Food waste management
  • Refillable toiletries and water stations
  • UV installed in some pools Accessible hotels


Village employees have access to an incentive scheme aimed at increasing the use of electric vehicles across our teams.

Plans are still very much underway with high-power European charging network, Ionity, in rolling out our electric vehicle charging points* across all 33 hotels. The charging hubs will provide ultra-rapid charging at up to 350kW for both hotel guests and the public.

(*Currently available in Basingstoke, Bracknell and Southampton Eastleigh and were installed by various suppliers).


We work closely with our suppliers and partners to ensure ethical and sustainable practices are adopted across all business areas. With a focus on sustainability, minimising waste and the adoption of practical measures that support our goals.

We work closely with our suppliers and partners to ensure ethical and sustainable practices are adopted across all business areas. With a focus on sustainability, minimising waste and the adoption of practical measures that support our goals.


Village takes part in the Green Tourism accreditation scheme for hotels and leisure operators. As part of this, our hotels are rated according to various criteria, such as carbon impact, social, wellbeing and biodiversity. We are taking steps to ensure all hotels are aligned with Green Tourism’s Silver standard and will then look to build on this with additional improvements in the months and years ahead. With 1 of our hotels already achieved Gold award.

Working with Accenture, we calculated that in 2022 our carbon impact was 58,036 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (toc2e). This was split into Scope 1: 14,985 tco2e; Scope 2: 12649 tco2e and Scope 3 30,402 tco2e. This equates to around 58,000 tonnes of carbon, or 58,000 Hot Air Balloons.

With the support of expert partners at Accenture, a ‘Decarbonisation’ workstream has been developed to help Village accurately record, and reduce carbon emissions. In 2022 Village started work to understand the baseline carbon footprint, with a view to setting a Science Based Target under the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi).  This workstream is currently in progress but has lead to Village gain the following insights and agree next steps:

  • Village fully understands the carbon footprint of its emission scope;
  • Village is assessing the impact of changing energy to renewable sources (this change was made in 2023);
  • Understanding what decarbonisation of the portfolio considerations are (adaptation to building and systems);
  • Developing a full procurement policy to decarbonise the Village supply chain.

Village is working towards using a Science Based Target Initiative to clearly map out its emissions targets and action plans to reach net zero by 2050. We are still finalising our plans but will be able to share short term targets and our roadmap to Net Zero later in 2024.

Through the Stay Green pillar of Village Green, we are taking proactive steps to reduce our carbon impact. This is using a Science Based Target Initiative route to Net Zero, and includes targets for near and long-term goals, with an ultimate target of hitting Net Zero by 2050.

We recently partnered with Ionity to install Superfast Charging electric vehicle chargers across our 33 hotels over the next 18 months. This is the largest deal that Ionity has agreed with a single operator in the UK and ensures that we play our part in transitioning guests and colleagues to a greener future. We also encourage our colleagues to take more sustainable forms of transport to work, such as cycling or car-shares.

Yes!  As of October 2023, we source 100% renewable electricity and green gas.

We partner with Accenture, who provides an optimisation service for our buildings. As part of this, Accenture monitors the running of the plant and equipment at the site via the Building Management System (BMS) to ensure it is running at its optimum level of efficiency. It has oversight of electricity and gas consumption and looks for areas to reduce consumption and therefore cost and carbon outputs from the sites.

Village currently has 5 Hotels with a BREEAM rating. This is being further progressed in 2024 and a further 5 Hotels are being scoped out to be BREEAM assessed in 2024.   The BREEAM ratings will not only provide third party verification, but will also identify opportunities of carbon improvement across the portfolio that should support the work carried out under the SBTi.