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VWorks Member Testimonial
13 Feb 2020

VWorks is now connected in Basingstoke! We caught up with one of our founder members, Martin, who's a confidential headhunter, to find out why he's chosen to join VWorks...


"I was eager to join VWorks, with Village Basingstoke just two miles from my home. I had been working from a luxury Gym in the UK as it allowed me to combine my love of the gym with working, so when I saw VWorks could offer me this, as well as a

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Is sharing really caring?
13 Feb 2020

This month we launched a tasty new dessert onto our menu, inspired by Great British Bake Off winner and Village ambassador, Candice Brown. Just in time for Valentine’s Day this sweet treat delights with prosecco soaked strawberry shortbread, passion fruit meringue and warm chocolate sauce, it’s perfect for sharing… Which really got us thinking. How far is too far when it comes to sharing with your significant other?! 


We ran a survey on 2,000 Brits and

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