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VE Day 75
06 May 2020

This Friday marks 75 years since the end of World War II. There were big events planned around the UK to mark this anniversary, and even though these cannot go ahead, there are still celebrations to be had to mark this occasion that you can get involved in at home! 

At 11am there will be a national two-minute silence, to reflect on the sacrifice of the brave men and women who fought in the war. The Nation’s

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So, you’re working from home?
03 Apr 2020

So, you’re working from home? Ditching the commute, spending the day in your pyjamas, binging on your favourite TV show and sticking a wash load on at lunchtime. It’s what you’ve always dreamed of right? Maybe not. You’ve still got all the usual responsibilities you have in the office, except you’re surrounded by potential distractions.

Here are our top tips for surviving working from home.


Get up, show up. 

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