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01 Aug 2018

Our first impressions of others are decided within the first seven seconds of meeting. So that first glimpse of your groomed (or not-so-groomed) look can say a lot about you as a person… whether it’s accurate or not.

According to recent studies, as a nation, we scrub up quite well for work.

  •          78% of us say that even without a dress code, they still make an effort to dress well and would make a clear distinction between ‘work clothes’ and
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Raise Your Brow Game with HD Brows
01 Aug 2018

Whether you’re partial to a high arch, bold and bushy… or a curve that brings out your natural beauty… brows are one of the biggest beauty trends of the year.

Far from the days of plucking or threading to achieve that perfect shape, modern day brows come in High Definition.

Introducing HD Brows. Our expertly trained spa therapists will work with you to create the perfect brow shape for your face shape, your style and your preference.

Using an exclusive design formula

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