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How to Stay in Shape on a Business Trip

Does your job require lots of travel and trips away that impact your fitness and healthy eating plan? Here are our tips to stay in shape on a business trip!


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How to stay in shape on a business trip

12 Jan 2017

If 2017 is the year you’ve decided you want to get fitter, but you find that your fitness plans fall flat due to a heavy business travel schedule, then worry not as we’ve got a few tips to help you stay on track no matter your schedule!

Just as you prepare and plan for success in whatever line of work you are in, clever preparation and planning will help you to swap that snickers for a salad and ensure you are shredding instead of slouching!


Dominate your diet!

It almost goes without saying that diet is extremely important when it comes to exercise and getting fitter. That means plenty of protein, quality carbs and vegetables incorporated into your daily diet. Of course, eating a healthy diet is very easy in theory but what can you do to stick to your healthy diet when that delicious, quick, easy Cornish pasty is eyeing you up 10 minutes before you board a cross country train?

It’s very easy to fall into bad eating habits when waiting around airports or train stations so if you’ve got a long train journey or a long wait in an airport lounge ahead, be prepared and take a healthy packed lunch with you. Sure, there may be healthy eating options available in airport departure lounges and train stations but a packed lunch is a fool proof way of reducing the chance of that Cornish pasty leading you astray…

Drinking plenty of water is very important when traveling as often the air inside of planes and trains is very dry with very low levels of humidity. This often causes tiredness and fatigue which can in turn cause you to crave comfort food. By drinking water and staying hydrated you reduce the likelihood of arriving at your destination feeling lethargic and tired.  


Easy Exercise

If you have taken the time to work out a tailored exercise plan then don’t let traveling set you back in the pursuit of your goals. There are plenty of ways to keep up exercise when away with work.

If you have the choice, choose a hotel with a quality gym or a decent sized swimming pool. This is the best way to ensure that there is no let up when it comes to your routine. At Village Hotels, we are extremely proud to have fantastic gyms with the latest state of the art cardio and strength equipment and quality swimming pools at all 28 of our hotel locations. Each of these gyms is not just a ‘hotel gym’ but a quality gym in its own right with a full timetable of fitness classes. Hotel guests can access the gym and pool facilities with most of our gyms opening early in the morning and closing late at night that will allow you to fit your workout in whatever time of day!

Don’t worry if you don’t fancy hitting the gym on your business trips, there’s still plenty you can do within the limited confines of your hotel room. Bodyweight exercises such as press ups, squats and lunges are a great way to get your heart rate up and maintain fitness levels in limited space. These exercises can be completed with a variety of different levels of intensity. For instance, Tabata training is a form of high intensity interval training that uses 20 seconds of flat out activity followed by 10 seconds of rest for 4 minutes. Any exercise can be incorporated into this format and even though a workout only lasts 4 minutes – we can promise that you will feel the burn afterwards! You can find various free Tabata timer apps on the app store and the short amount of time used in Tabata training makes it ideal if you are running on a tight schedule.

Finally, if you are not on such a tight schedule you can think about walking to your business meeting from the train station or the hotel you are staying at. At most hotels they will be more than happy to advise on a safe walking route to your destination. Not only is walking great exercise, this will also allow you the opportunity to clear your head and mull over thoughts for that vital presentation or business meeting!


A hectic work travel schedule doesn’t have to affect your plans to get fit. Following these simple tips will allow you to fit healthy eating and exercise into your travel plans – wherever you are traveling to!

If you are interested in staying at one of our 28 quality fitness hotels throughout the UK then take a look at our rooms today. Alternatively, if you live in the local area of one of our gyms then visit our gym website to explore membership options and sign up today!