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15 Aug 2018

Whether you’re partial to a high arch, bold and bushy… or a curve that brings out your natural beauty… brows are one of the biggest beauty trends of the year. Though many people don't consider their face shape when crafting that statement brow. Matching your brow to your face shape not only brings out your best features, but can help to lift and shape your face for a beauty transformation you wouldn't get with any other make-up technique.

Using the latest HD Brows techniques, our expertly trained spa therapists will work with you to create the perfect brow shape for your face shape. 

The team at HD Beauty have spent plenty of time fine tuning the way to the perfect brow, and have provided a few tips on getting the right shape for your face.




Most round faces have soft curves, and cheekbones at the widest part of the face. When choosing your brow shape, you'll want to lengthen the face and narrow the jawline.

Too straight and you'll make the face look shorter. Too round, and you'll add more roundness to your overall face shape. Go for a soft curve with height at the uppermost part of the arch and some extra length on the tail to lengthen your looks. 




Often considered the ideal face shape, an oval face features a forehead around the same width as the chin, with a slight curve to the sides of the face.

Ovals suit most brow styles, though be wary of harsh angles. Your most flattering look is soft and light.



Square faces are made up of strong, straight lines. You may have an angular jaw line and a small forehead. 

To lengthen and compliment the face, opt for an angular brow that follows the lines of your face. Go a little longer on the ends of your brow to help lengthen your features, but keep the curve at a minimum. 


Similar to a square face, oblongs are longer than they are wide. You may have a fairly straight line running down your cheeks and jaw, leading to an angular chin. 

To balance out a rectangle, the aim is to make the forehead appear wider than the jawline. Keep your brows straight to avoid adding extra length to the face and avoid too much curve.


Don't fancy DIY-ing? Book in for your HD Brow treatment at your local Village Spa. For more info, click here



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